Dental veneers were first created in the 1930s, when they were mainly used by actors as a way of enhancing their smile. Today, the quality and affordability of veneers have turned them into a popular option for many people who wish to improve the appearance of their teeth with minimal dentistry.

Dental veneers can be thought of as contact lenses for your teeth, as they consist of very thin coats of durable porcelain materials that are applied over the patient’s natural teeth. Veneers may be recommended for a variety of conditions. For example, some people have chipped, crooked, broken or otherwise damaged teeth whose appearance can improve after having dental veneers fitted. In other cases, veneers are chosen for aesthetic or cosmetic reasons, to improve the look of excessively separated or uneven teeth.

In terms of aftercare, it is important to remember that you should look after your dental veneers as if they were your own teeth. This means that you should maintain a good dental hygiene routine that includes brushing and flossing. It is also recommended that you attend regular follow-up appointments after having veneers fitted, so that potential problems can be detected on time and addressed adequately.

If you are considering having veneers fitted, Dr. Samir can provide you with expert and personalised advice to help you make the best decision. She uses stae of the art porcelains and works with one of Sydney’s best ceramists to make beautiful and natural looking teeth that will continue to enhance your smile for many years.

Our dental practice has several years of experience fitting dental veneers in Sydney. We serve the central business district and areas like Pyrmont, Glebe, Kings Cross, and Surrey Hills, among others. Call us to arrange an appointment and we will be happy to be of assistance.

 All featured cases performed by Dr. Samir


This patient had veneers made by another dentist (left) but was unhappy with their “unnatural” appearance. Dr. Samir replaced the veneers (right) and the patient has enjoyed a much more beautiful smile which is still going strong after more than a decade. Remember, great aesthetic dentistry is an art.




This patient works in the movie industry and felt that his discoloured teeth had dampened his personality, affecting his work on a daily basis. Since Dr. Samir transformed his teeth with minimally invasive veneers he can’t stop smiling.



This patient didn’t like her short. stained teeth and felt that she showed too much gum. A combination of a gum lift  and beautiful veneers have transformed her smile.